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મન ને સાંધવા માટેનું કોઈ થીગડું હશે ખરું? ભાગ -૧

  ફાટેલાં કપડા ને જેમ રફુ કે થીગડું ની મદદથી સાંધી શકાય છે. એવી રીતે તૂટેલાં મન ને સાંધવા માટેનું કોઈ થીગડું હશે ખરું? અનુજા એ એના તીણા અવાજમાં પ્રશ્ન પૂછ્યો. કેસ ની શરુઆત જ અહી થી થયેલી. ડોક્ટર…. ખબર નહિ કેમ જાણે આવો પ્રશ્ન મેં પેહલા જ તમને પૂછી લીધો? સાહેબ..હું જ્યાં જાઉં મને […]
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Bad breath and Homeopathy

    Bad breath It is also referred as halitosis. It is a mouth condition which causes a bad smell from the oral cavity. Homeopathic medicines act wonderfully in treating the case of bad breath. They don’t cause any side effects. They are completely harmless and natural medicines, suitable to the patients. Causes Dental health […]
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મેડમ ! દરરોજ ફાઈવસ્ટાર ને ચોકોબર ખાતો સ્તવન શાક રોટલી ક્યારે ખાશે? ( worms and homeopathy )

સ્તવન ને દાંત કચ કચાવવાની બહુ આદત પડી ગયી છે. આખો દિવસ ચીસો પડ્યા કરે, અહી થી ત્યાં ફર્યા કરે, કુદકા મારે, અને આમતેમ આંટા માર્યા કરે, સોફા પર તો જાણે એના તોફાન વધારે જ હોય છે, એના દાદા મંદિર થી દર્શન કરીને આવે અને જે પણ પ્રસાદી લાવે એમાંથી સાકાર શોધી શોધી ને લઇ […]
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bulimia and homeopathy

Bulimia It is also known as bulimia nervosa, which is an eating disorder characterized by excessive eating. People with bulimia eat large amount of food at one time/ they binge on food, then they try to get rid of the weight gain by taking laxatives, fasting or exercising a lot more than normal. Which is […]
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Bed sores, also called as decubitus ulcers generally heal with the treatment. Homeopathic treatment is said to be extremely effective and excellent. It provides harmless solutions which causes no side effects. Bed sores It is also called as pressure ulcers/pressure sores. They’re injuries to the skin and underlying tissues, resulting from prolonged pressure on the […]
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celiac disease (gluten sensitivity/intolerance) and homeopathy

CELIAC DISEASE Celiac disease is greatly treated with the help of homeopathic medicines. Homeopathic medicines are truly natural and harmless which cause no side effects unlike conventional medicines.  These homeopathic medicines are prescribed to the patient on the basis of constitution and individuality. Introduction It is called as celiac sprue or gluten sensitive enteropathy. Which […]
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  TRAPEZITIS It is a condition which causes inflammation of trapezius muscle. Which causes spasms and pain in neck and upper back. Homeopathic medicines can excellently help out in providing effective treatment to an individual who is diagnosed with trapezitis. These homeopathic medicines are completely natural and harmless in nature, and they don’t cause any […]
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varicocele and homeopathy

  VARICOCELE Introduction It is abnormal enlargement of venous plexus in the scrotum. Homeopathic medicines for varicocele are really natural, safe, having no side effects. Causes The main cause is not known thoroughly. But there could be a problem in the blood flow in the spermatic cord carrying blood to and from the testicles. If […]
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STREPTOCOCCAL THROAT It is a bacterial infection which causes inflammation and pain in the throat. It can affect children and person of any age group. Homeopathy treats the case of sore throat naturally and safely without causing any harm/side effects. Cause It is caused by a germ called group A streptococcus bacteria. Symptoms begin to […]
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Telogen effluvium and homeopathy

Telogen effluvium A reversible condition which cause the falling of hair after a stressful condition, shock, traumatic event. Which usually occurs on the top of the scalp.  Telogen efflufium is a form of hair loss characterized by thinning of hair or increase in the shedding of hair. Here, falling or shedding is from early entry […]
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